Christian Ed


Sunday @ 10:30AM HYBRID Worship | In-Person & Facebook Live:

Christian education at First Presbyterian Church of Haddon Heights

Sunday School Classes

Starting in September, we have slightly rearranged our Sunday Morning Schedule, with a Sunday School Hour for disciples of all ages at 9:30am and our children’s choirs rehearsing at 9:00am. To accommodate our new program called “Providing Christian Nurture for our Youngest Disciples,” our worship time for ALL our church family (of every age) is now at 10:30am.  Click one of the links below for more information about our Sunday School classes for all ages:

  For Adults
  For Teens
  For Kids

Wednesday Adult Bible Study

Starting on Wednesday, September 14, our Wednesday Adult Bible Study group will resume meeting at 11:00 AM on Zoom. They will begin a new study on the book “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): a guide to grace-filled political conversations.”  The authors, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, are two people of faith from opposite ends of the political spectrum, who teach us that politics don’t have to divide us. Instead, they ask us to bring the same care and respect to policy discussions that we bring to the rest of our lives. They ask us to address toxic issues that divide us with: respecting the dignity of every person, recognizing the nuancedissues the face our country, listening in order to understand, and leading with grace and patience. Join us as we seek to listen to one another across the divide!